Best Open Source Programs

Open source programs are offered to users to provide enormous benefits, like making tasks easier or accomplishing something in a timely manner, that must not be taken for granted. These are usually offered for free to Linux, Windows and MAC users, and can be modified to deliver better outcomes to users. These are also continuouslyRead More

What is Open Source?

Open source software is a popular term commonly heard in the world of software development, apps and internet community. It is often used to describe free software, though not all free software are open source. It’s also a common misconception that open source software are of low standards and that they cannot perform on parRead More

Best Open Source Software

Open source software is becoming more and more popular nowadays because most of them are free and anyone can check if there’s any malicious codes inserted into the software or not. Plus, if the end user happens to have some knowledge about the programming language used in creating an open source software and he foundRead More